About us

Roadari Oy is a Finnish Road Transport Company founded in 2013, whose operations focus on road transport between Finland and continental Europe. We are a neutral operator and we provide transportation services to all logistic operators.

Roadari is based in Helsinki and our office is located in Sörnäinen. Our permanent staff is 8 people and in 2022 our turnover was € 10.5 million. Roadari is a Trusted Partner under the Subsidiary Responsibility Act and a member of the Finnish Shipping and Logistics Association.


Values that guide our operations are neutral behavior, reliability and security. Roadari’s strengths are agility, versatile expertise and long-term partnerships. As a lightweight organization, we are able to react to fast-changing situations.

We maintain professional skills through regular training. In 2021 our staff participated, among others, training in hazardous substances and emission calculations. It is important for us to develop our business as a continuous process through customer feedback and listening to our partners.

“Thank you for your cooperation! It is pleasent and easy to work with Roadari. You handle all deliveries as promised on schedule. Booking with you is easy and fast.”







Roadari Oy | Hämeentie 19 | FI-00500 Helsinki | roadari@roadari.fi